Out Of The Salt Shaker And Into The World

Εξαντλήθηκε :-(

“Christians and non-Christians have something in common,” writes Rebecca Manley Pippert. “We’re all uptight about evangelism.”

So begins this bestselling book on evangelism as a lifestyle. Through stories, biblical insight and plain common sense, Rebecca helps us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing our faith.

People crowd the pages of this book, with language and lifestyles to match. The author confronts them with a Jesus as contemporary as themselves, a Christ they can see, who cares. Reading her book we laugh at her mistakes, identify with her failures, and find ourselves eager to emulate her spiritual progress.

This thoroughly revised and expanded edition is now even more valuable, with new chapters on the natural stages of evangelism (cultivating, planting and reaping), new stories of God’s work in people’s lives and added material on meeting the challenges of the new competitors to Christian faith. Out of the Saltshaker is both fun and deep, light and life changing.

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