Kingdom Come

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CD 1:

  1. Giving You My All (feat. Tom Field) [Live]
  2. Go (feat. Tom Field) [Live]
  3. Kingdom Come (feat. Beth Croft) [Live]
  4. Build Your Kingdom Here (feat. Rend Collective Experiment) [Live]
  5. Guardian (feat. Sam Bailey) [Live]
  6. Break Every Chain (feat. Sam Bailey) [Live]
  7. Spirit Rain Down (feat. Tom Field) [Live]
  8. You Are My Vision (feat. Rend Collective Experiment) [Live]
  9. Exalted One (feat. Beth Croft) [Live]
  10. Forever Reign (feat. Beth Croft) [Live]
  11. My Heart (feat. Sam Bailey) [Live]
  12. New Day (feat. Tom Field) [Live]
  13. Now Is the Time For Us (feat. Beth Croft) [Live]
  14. Waiting Here For You (feat. Sam Bailey) [Live]
  15. You Bled (feat. Rend Collective Experiment) [Live]
  16. Set a Fire (feat. Beth Croft) [Live]

CD 2:

  1. New Day (feat. Tom Field) [Live]
  2. Now Is The Time For Us (feat. Beth Groft) [Live]
  3. Waiting Here For You (feat. Sam Bailey) [Live]
  4. You Bled (feat. Red Collective Experiment) [Live]
  5. Set A Fire (feat. Beth Groft) [Live]



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