Meditative Worship

Meditative Worship

Songs For The Sacred Place

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Disc: 1


  1. The Heart Of Worship (Matt Redma)
  2. At Your Name (Forever) (Tim Hughes)
  3. Be Still (Derri Daughterty)
  4. Psalm 23 (Stuart Townend)
  5. Safe In Your Arms (Martin Smith)
  6. All The Poor And Powerless (All Sons & Daughters)
  7. Draw Me Close (Nikki Fletcher)
  8. Breathe On Me (Claire Hamilton)
  9. How Deep The Father’s Love (Stuart Townend)
  10. You Are My Father (Elim Sound)
  11. There’s Beauty In This Place (Abba Father) (Case Crayenord)
  12. You Found Me (Elim Sound)
  13. Undivided Love (Worship Central)
  14. Alabaster (Rend Collective Experiment)
  15. We Still Believe (Kathryn Scott)


Disc: 2


  1. Your Presence Is Heaven (Studio Version)
  2. Facedown
  3. Jesus You Are Worthy
  4. Songs Of Healing
  5. With Me
  6. Spirit Come
  7. Pour Over Me
  8. Wait For You
  9. Love Divine (Purify)
  10. I Am Redeemed
  11. 10,000 Reasons
  12. Sovereign Over Us
  13. Be Thou Exalted
  14. Loved By You
  15. Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)




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