Worship Anthems, Live From Vineyard USA

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Disk 1:

  1. Bless His Name (Live) [feat. Casey Corum]
  2. Father of Lights (Live) [feat. Jesse Meyer]
  3. Glory to the King (Live) [feat. Chris Lizotte]
  4. I Love Your Presence (Live) [feat. Chris Lizotte]
  5. How He Loves (Live) [feat. Jeremy Riddle]
  6. Song of Hope (Live) [feat. The Neverclaim]
  7. Prepare the Way of the Lord (Live) [feat. Jeremy Riddle]
  8. Love Has Come, Love Has Won (Live) [feat. Jesse Meyer]
  9. One Thing Remains (Live) [feat. Casey Corum]
  10. What Can I Bring (Live) [feat. Anabeth Morgan]
  11. Dwell (Live) [feat. Casey Corum]
  12. Form Us (Live) [feat. Casey Corum & Torri Baker]


Disk 2:

  1. Rain Down [featuring Jeremy Riddle ]
  2. My Soul Longs [ featuring The Neverclaim ]
  3. Furious/Awake My Soul [featuring Casey Corum ]
  4. My Foundation (Found in You) [featuring Anabeth Morgan & David Linhart ]
  5. Full Attention [featuring Jeremy Riddle ]
  6. They That Wait On the Lord [featuring The Neverclaim ]
  7. Who Is Like Our God [featuring Crispin Schroeder ]
  8. Invitacion Fountain [featuring Crispin Schroeder & Sheri Car ]
  9. Sweet Mercies [featuring Anabeth Morgan ]
  10. Isn’t He/Amazing Grace [featuring Casey Corum ]
  11. It Is Well With My Soul [featuring Jeremy Riddle ]
  12. If You Say Go ]

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