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Greece – A Biblical Tour of Greek Historical Sites: 77 Insights into Ancient Greek Culture that Make the New Testament Come Alive

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There are two trips included on every serious Bible reader’s bucket list.
One is to Israel. The other is to Greece—to walk in Paul’s footsteps, town after town, through the book of Acts—where, thanks to all those hard-digging archaeological folks, you can actually stand on the very ground where Paul once stood This book is a guide for your Greece trip.
Through a series of short stories, verses, images and maps, you will be introduced to things you might learn on a guided tour of biblical sites in Greece—that is, if your renowned tour guide is Costas Tsevas. The 77 neatly-packaged teachings in this book are his commentaries—his mini-lectures.
Thus, the tour language you’re about to encounter (“From Delphi, we head to Athens…”) are words you might hear Costas speak as you board the bus, pen in hand, eager to reach your next destination.
Whether you take this book along on an actual tour of Greece or choose to travel there vicariously from your couch, this guide will help you understand your Bible better.


By: Costas Tsevas, With Eric Larson
Illustrated By: Margie Anderson

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