Knowing You Jesus

The Very Best Of

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Disc One:

  1. Knowing You (All I once held dear)
  2. Shine Jesus Shine (Lord, the light of your love is shining)
  3. God Is Great
  4. The Servant King (From Heaven you came) (with Nicki Rogers)
  5. Thank You For The Cross
  6. Is Anyone Thirsty?
  7. For This I Have Jesus (For the joys and for the sorrows)
  8. Lord You’ve Been Good To Me (with Martin Smith)
  9. Restore O Lord
  10. Jesus Stand Among Us / Here Is Bread
  11. Amazing Love (My Lord, what love is this)
  12. God Of The Poor (Beauty For Brokenness)
  13. There Is A Hope So Sure (with Darlene Zschech)
  14. All The Glory (My heart is full of admiration) / And He Shall Reign


Disc Two:

  1. Let The Flame Burn Brighter (We’ll walk the land) (with Psalm Drummers)
  2. Meekness And Majesty
  3. What Can I Do? (When I see the beauty) (with Paul Baloche)
  4. O Lord Your Tenderness / Such Love
  5. Teach Me To Dance
  6. You’re Alive (Led Like A Lamb)
  7. Come and See (We worship at your feet) (with Faye Simpson)
  8. May The Fragrance (with Nicki Rogers)
  9. To You O Lord (with Matt Redman)
  10. O Lord, The Clouds Are Gathering
  11. Who Can Sound The Depths of Sorrow
  12. This Is My Beloved Son (That the lamb who was slain)
  13. Until The Day (When I walk through suffering) (with Darlene Zschech)

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