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Joseph & Mary is a Biblical drama that follows a devout Rabbi named Elijah, who is a neighbour of Mary and Joseph. The story of Elijah is woven into the birth of Jesus and his first 12 years.

Joseph & Mary is a different take on a well known story, with a delicate woven story between Joseph, Mary, Jesus and Elijah and Rebecca, in essence two stories that work and mix together.

Set just before the birth of Jesus at a time of civil unrest, the film follows Elijah, who fails to stop the execution of an innocent citizen by a corrupt Roman publican. The dying man asks Elijah to protect his surviving window and their two young sons.

The story carries onto Bethlehem, Jesus is born and King Herold commands the slaughter of all males under two years old, while Jesus survives, the two young boys Elijah swears to protect are killed, and makes it his life’s mission to avenge their deaths… However after Elijah spends time with a young Jesus, who challenges Elijah’s beliefs, and spends time with Joseph and Mary, the more Elijah has questions and wonders if Jesus could be the Son of God.

When Elijah comes face to face with his enemy will he kill the soldier or forgive him…

The story as said is a rather different take on the Biblical story of Jospeh and Mary, and some artistic licence has been played here, though the base of the story is there, its main purpose is to bring a message of forgiveness.

There are some violent scenes, and the slaughtering of the under two year olds could disturb some people but it does show how devastating it was and how the power of forgiveness can change lives.

This is a low budget film and this can be evident in some scenes but the cast put in a solid performance including Kevin Sorbo, who fantastically portrays Joseph, bringing an understanding to how Jospeh may have fathered Jesus and really carries the film along.

Overall Jospeh & Mary is an intriguing story which highlights the need to forgive and love others, a message that is so relevant in today’s society. It is a inspiring film with a message of hope, love and mercy.


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